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Los-Nr.: 25465 (aus Auktion Nr.: 50) 21.-26. Juni 2021:
As of 1870 (approx). CHESS AND PHILATELY - THE TWO ROYAL HOBBIES - here in this lot they are combined in the most splendid way. Here are a worldwide motif collection of mint chess stamps, including souvenir sheets and miniature sheets and chess motif cancels on covers and postcards (also better). Everything chronologically collected in about 46 binders and stockbooks and additionally 62 smaller albums with picture postcards and further covers and postcards, 6 boxes with still unsorted overhangs, and 1 box with accessories. And now it comes: to this lot belong also well over 100 chess sets of the most different kind, from very small to very large, from the travel chess to various chess tables (with integrated chess board). With fgure sets from serious to normal to funny (e.g. various well-known comic figures). Made in many different materials: wood, metal, plastic, marble, ceramic. And a large box with various chess literature is also included. For any true chess enthusiast, this lot represents an opportunity that won't be coming back anytime soon - if ever again. So please visit - you will be thrilled! (RA1)


Auktion mit Schachautographen / Schachbücher 

Viele interessante Schachbücher aus privaten Sammlungen u.a. am 26. 06. 2021 10 Uhr in Braunschweig bei Antiquariat A. Klittich - Pfankuch GmbH + Co  (siehe  http://www.klittich-pfankuch.de/ ).